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A lot of time with Superior Mortgage .ca has been devoted to creating a comprehensive resource site. Below you will read about some of our key features.

-Financing. A brief recap of the services we offer.

-Mortgage 101. A mini review of the essential issues around financing. Plus insider tips!!

-Forms. Here you will find complimentary PDF files for things like: Inspecting a Home, Mortgage Application, and For Sale by Owner Guide.

-Links. All the ‘key’ web-sites in one place. For home buyers to industry to institutional information.

-Calculators. Here you can easily and quickly gauge the payment on a prospective loan.

-Best Rates. Click this tab for an up-to-date table of available rates.

-Industry News. Current, important, and relevant articles for the mortgage and financing consumer.

-Bank of Canada. Do you ever wonder where all the news agencies reference their financial data? A lot of it comes from the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada sets the monetary policy of the country, including the Prime Interest Rate. The single most important piece of raw data lenders use to set mortgage rates. By using our quick link you can view all the data in one easy to read table. For those of you with more intrigue, you can learn when these important policy decisions are made.

-Apply Online. If you’re ready to proceed with an application just fill in our secure online form. It’s quick and easy and jump starts the application process. I will be in contact within 24 hrs to discuss some options, go over supporting documentation, verify ID, and send off the application.

-Subscribe. Do you want an inside tip on a sure thing! Subscribe to our notifications. When we get notice from a bank or lender about a special or short term promotion, you will hear it first from Superior Mortgage.

-RSS Feed. Great discussions can be followed and joined through our interactive RSS Feed.

-Personal Rate Quote. Quick, Convenient, Confidential and No Credit Check Required. Get an idea of what you might be able to receive for a rate WITHOUT going through the process of a formal application. A Superior Mortgage exclusive.

-Customer Referral Program. I believe the best way to grow a business is by happy customers and their willingness to share their experience with family and friends. I also believe that this loyalty should not go unrewarded. That is why I offer a special THANK YOU in the form of a gift certificate. Check our rewards centre to see what the current promo is!

The mortgage industry is ever changing. New financing ‘products’ and lenders are continually launched. Government regulations can lessen or increase qualification requirements. National and international bond markets can greatly affect the competition for investment funds thereby affecting mortgage rates. Housing prices can change dramatically from one region to the next. Thus mortgages can easily become one of life’s most complex financial decisions. The services of a mortgage broker are almost exclusively paid for by the lenders. So don’t leave it to chance… I am here, anytime, to work for you!


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