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So what is a Superior Mortgage?

Well, let’s start with experience.
In an industry where the average mortgage broker is licensed only two years, Abraham Nordine has been licensed in British Columbia for 10 years.  Next, you look at the collective strength and bargaining power of Invis Inc.  One of Canada’s largest brokerages with 50 lenders and $168 Billion in funded deals.

Abraham Nordine

How I Generate Superior Results

Working with a trusted Mortgage Broker Professional is a valuable asset when buying a home!

Your Advocate

Best fit for YOU
I advocate for the client and find the best lender for your situation.  That means I don’t cherry pick lenders based on who pays me more.  It’s about who is the best fit for you.  You’d be surprised how often it works the other way around.

Real Experience

Business Background
My background includes over 20 years of combined business management, new home construction, renovations,
real-estate, financial and business consulting etc.

Meaningful Connections

Full Service
Your time is valuable, let me put you in touch with the right professional, right away. Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors, Notaries, Appraisers, Inspectors, Insurers, Painters, Electricians, etc.

Long-Term Commitment

Results Driven
I am with you for the long haul.  Some clients need long term strategy (i.e. post-bankruptcy).  I’ve worked with individuals up to 3 years to accomplish a specific refinance / purchase goal.  I get paid, when you get results.

Fast Turnarounds

Backed by Professionals
I work with a team of mortgage brokers at Invis.  That means you have multiple eyes on your file and expediting the process.

Financial Plan

Financial Solutions
Very often clients are unaware of tax complications or investment opportunities that arise.   My immediate family consists of three accountants with various fields of specialty.  Let’s resolve those tax, credit and financial issues!
“If you aren’t working with a mortgage broker at this point you are missing a valuable professional in your life.  
Give me a try, you won’t be disappointed.”
Abraham Nordine, mortgage broker

Abraham Nordine - Mortgage Broker

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